The Hamilton County Sheriff’s office is warning residents to be aware of a new tactic on an old scam. Apparently calls are going to potential victims and the number on the Caller ID shows it's the Sheriff’s office.

According to a press release from the HCSD, the potential victim speaks with a male with a foreign accent, sometimes described as an “Indian sounding voice.” The caller states he has a partial Social Security Number and needs to verify the number and other personal information. As usual, pressure is put on the victim to make a hasty decision under the threat of arrest or being sued.

Remember, never give out personal information including Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses and other personal identifiers over the phone. Law enforcement does not serve arrest warrants nor notify persons of arrest or lawsuits over the phone. Don’t rely on Caller ID as technology exists to spoof phone numbers and make them appear to originate from a different number. Unfortunately, the phone number given is usually impossible to track as it may originate outside the United States, might be a fake number, or could be from a throwaway phone. Scammers count on pressure tactics to make victims cooperate so never fall victim to pressure.

To report being the victim of a scam or fraud, call Hamilton County Public Safety Communications at (317) 773-1282 so the appropriate law enforcement agency is notified.