Today, Senate Democrats agreed to move forward with funding the government. Together, we passed a short-term continuing resolution (CR) that will fund the government through February 8, 2018, with an added provision to pay federal workers who were furloughed during the shutdown.

While I am pleased this needless government shutdown has ended quickly, it was irresponsible of Senate Democrats to shut down the government. I never wanted us to get to a point where our men and women in the Armed Forces who work around the clock to keep us safe were not paid on time because of partisan politics. That is why I voted in the House last Thursday to avoid this shutdown and provide kids across the country with healthcare coverage by extending the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and provide relief from the burdensome medical device tax imposed on medical device companies and ultimately consumers.

The CR passed by the House, Senate, and signed into law by the President extends CHIP for six years for kids across the country, stops the job-killing medical device tax, and provides critical funding for our military. The short term continuing resolution we passed today provides a six-year reauthorization of CHIP, a bipartisan program, that provides over 9,000 kids in the Fifth District and over 100,000 Hoosier kids with much needed health insurance coverage. This six-year reauthorization of CHIP is the longest reauthorization of the program ever enacted into law.

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