Phil Kercheval pitching with Mike Milcoff on deck
Phil Kercheval pitching with Mike Milcoff on deck

It was an exciting tournament, Saturday, at Biddle Memorial Park that came down to the wire.

This was the Sheridan Horseshoe League's first open tournament of the season. Several pitchers from central Indiana showed up at the courts in Biddle's Memorial Park. The league ran two sessions in order to common date all pitchers.

Jeff Ogle of Noblesville had a commanding lead of 15 points after game one. After the second game Jeff expanded his lead to19 points. Michael Milcoff Noblesville whom had been trailing Jeff After the first two games cut the lead to 10 points. The fourth game had Michael taking the lead by one points. The fifth and final game was exciting as the two leaders battle back and forth. Late in the game Michael pulled out the win.

The top three finishers were all from Noblesville.

Sheridan’s next tournament will be sponsored by O’Reilly Auto Parts and will be open to the public. The event will be on Saturday, July 7.